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theflow - now in beta release

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All built using theflow theme for Tumblr

theflow has been built from the ground up with customization in mind allowing you to create the ultimate blog. Its feature rich options, social media integration and unique design ensure no one will have a site like yours.

Image gallery – Included in theflow is a scrolling image gallery, the large image size is a great way to showcase your image posts with wow factor. Automatic cropping and image panning features allow your visitors to interact with your site in new ways. For ease of use the gallery can load all your images without ever having to leave the page. The image gallery is an optional feature so you can turn it on and off as you require.

Multiple column layout – You can change the number of columns you display giving your theme a new look at the flick of a switch.

Infinite scroll – What self-respecting blog owner would be without infinite scroll. The scrolling is set to allow leisurely viewing without the wait, a discreet animation informs when loading is happening. If infinite scroll is not for you, just don’t turn it on.

Lightbox view – The lightbox is automatically enabled and allows you to view all loaded image posts currently on the page through the use of next and previous buttons. If a high resolution image on permalink pages is available this is shown in the lightbox.

The Ask and Submit pages are also placed in the light box so your visitors don't have to ever leave the page they are on.

Mixed display modes – theflow gives you 11 different ways to display your content with a maximum of three clicks to set up. By combining the column layout, image gallery, infinite scroll and ‘hide photo in column layout’ features the following mixed display modes are possible:

Tag driven drop down navigation – This unique feature gives you the ability to promote specific tagged posts in your blog. The drop down navigation keeps the interface clean whilst allowing upto 10 tagged pages to be promoted.

Social media bar - If like most you have more than one form of social media on the go, you can promote them in the social media bar. It’s easy to set up, simply enter the link and a funky icon appears in the bar.

Tweet, Like and +1 – Common to every page these allow visitors to promote your work to an even larger audience. Facebook, Twitter and Google +1 are included.

Tumblr like and reblog – theflow has been built to allow visitors to ‘like’ and ‘reblog’ from your home or tagged pages in addition to permalink pages.

Show more animated footer section – Extra information about you can be displayed in the ‘Show more’ section. It’s tucked away at the bottom of the page, once selected the animated slider pops up. It displays avatars, about you passages and people you follow should you wish to show this.

Flickr and Twitter feed integration – Showcase your previous entries on Twitter and Flickr, with real-time updating. This is housed in the ‘Show more’ section once activated.

Advance colour options – If unique colour schemes are your thing, the 14 colour options gives you the ability to create a blog that’s a winner. If your daunted by colour the default settings will get you up and running and we have colour scheme ideas and help in our ‘theme ideas’ section (

Advanced background image options – Every wished you could place a background image in a specific position? You can now. Have you thought it would look cool for your background image to fill the whole screen without tiling? That’s possible too. Would you prefer your background image to stay fixed when you scroll? It’s also available. In fact you have 9 options should you wish to use them.

Custom fonts – If you think the default fonts are a little limiting, theflow is for you. Five extra funky fonts can be activated at a click of a button.

Different coloured icons – Three different coloured icons can be used to allow visitors to interact. This affects the reblog, like, lightbox, source and permalink buttons.

Tooltips – To help guide your audience non-intrusive tooltips are used to give extra info where required.

Track your visitors – We all like to know who is visiting, this is made possible with the most powerful site tracking currently available. Google Analytics is the choice of most site owners and it’s simple to turn on. Open an account with Google (it’s free) and enter your account number, that’s all there is to it.

iPhone and iPad integration – theflow has be built to work on the iPhone and iPad. The iPad will display just like it does on a PC or Mac. The theme has smart logic that turns off features that are not suitable for the iPhones small screen like the image gallery and turns replacements on. This ensures you site is always displayed at its best.

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